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In today’s fast changing business panorama, businesses are relying on technology to be able to make decisions faster and smarter. Every organization today is hiking through their own digital transformation journey. CXO’s today have embarked on a journey – leaving the traditional brick and mortar “Just The IT” behind and have started to enthral a digital landscape that is tremendously business centric and defies the erstwhile paradigm.

We at Ebex truly believe in this ideology and have committed ourselves to create a focused synergy between technology and business. Thus, creating a state-of-the-art technology platform that revolves around people, process and technology to give you the winning edge.

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EBEX – Offerings & Solutions

IT Infrastructure Building Services

IT Infrastructure

Dynamic business environment today demand infrastructure to optimize itself and function at the pace of the its growth, IT Leaders today need to focus on enabling business through technology and leave very low scope to engage in routine operations. That’s exactly where EBEX can add value to your business. It can provide IT Infrastructure Services that comprise of Service Desk - capable of managing user endpoints that includes configuration and troubleshooting, governed through an astringent escalation matrix. Centralized Datacentre and Cloud Support team are structured as Level I, II and III who centrally deliver their support services through remote infrastructure management. All incidents and issues are tracked, governed though an ITIL based tool for monitoring and adhering to the standard SLA’s giving you the best performance and value. NOC/SOC is fully automated, manned by a handful of people and gives a 3600 effective view of the entire network, helping in managing data security through early warning and intrusion detection systems.

Application Development & Maintenance Services

Application Development & Maintenance

We believe that Technology is a powerful lever to enhance service delivery, enabling processing of most transactions with embedded controls in place reducing time cycle, improving access to information, providing accurate, relevant & reliable data through real-time interfaces, analytical reporting, decision support and productivity improvement . Our technology team experts integrate end-to-end processes: increasing synergies across functions through their flexible and bespoke application development solutions.

At EBEX, the SDC (Software Development Centre) provides application development and maintenance services for ERP’s such as SAP, Oracle etc, through its proven deployment skills following best practices. At the same time, our SDC also has the potential to effortlessly custom build scalable and bespoke applications, workflows and software packages to support your businesses’ complex and specific business needs

Process Automation by tools like Workflow, DMS, etc

Process Automation

One of the greatest challenges today for any organization is to utilize its resources in the most efficient manner, biggest time killers being manual processes and repetition of work on recurring tasks. With the increasing demand for businesses to perform more complex and manual labor intensive tasks, the focus of technology has shifted to automate and optimize as many processes as possible.

At EBEX, automation and innovation is in our DNA. The rhythm helps us constantly re-engineer our existing processes and bring in efficiency both in terms of performance and agility. Our technology shared services today provide a vast array of services ranging from a fairly simple to mission critical cadre. Our automation service consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and if need be, building software applications to automate all possible tasks on a process. The entire process includes support to provide an easy transition experience to users from manual to automated processes.

Document Management Service (DMS)

For many organizations, keeping and managing data via an efficient Document Management System has become a pain. They are putting in lot of efforts in this monotonous task thus not being able to channelize the energies towards the right direction.

EBEX offers a process centric DMS (Document Management Service) to these entities which includes scanning of physical documents and and indexing of both physical and soft documents, emails, word, excel, pdf documents etc. but not limited to personal files of the employees, invoices and other documents from the vendors, etc in order to track them easily and  maintain them in the digital format in this process. The service begins with receiving the documents at our collection centre and does not end at confirmation, but remains till retrieval. EBEX offers archiving digital formats as well as physical copies in our document store. Purpose of the process is to digitize the critical documents like invoices, employee documents & claims, PO’s, etc therefore helping in maintaining records of the payments made to the vendors & the employees.

EBEX Advantage

Improved Efficiency by Work & Process Automation

Improved Efficiency
which translates to reduction of cost through standardized step by step process after automation

Pre-defined Fixation of Responsibility

Fixation of Responsibility
through well-defined task ownership at each level

Controlled Environment

Better Monitoring and Greater Control
at each level ensuring better time management and outputs.

Cost Flexibility by offering different service levels

Cost Flexibility
through multiple levels of implementation

Highly Scalable Solutions

through need based upgrading of service plans


Testimonials by Mr Rajneesh Mittal - CTO, ZEEL

Mr Rajneesh Mittal (Chief Technology Office -  ZEEL)

My experience with EBEX over last one year has been, put simply, improving positively every day. EBEX leadership and team are constantly out there trying to beat your expectations and that’s a good sign for a developing team. Bit by bit, they are getting things right and ensuring EBEX evolves as a true world-class shared services organization. Going forward, I am sure EBEX can diversify in terms of mix of services offered and the clientele as well. My best wishes to Team EBEX for a great future!

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Expert Insight

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Imagine being in office at 9:00 PM and suddenly you get a message ‘Hungry Kya’ from a nearby Pizza delivery vendor. You are most likely to place the order as you see the message like god-sent at the right time !!

Imagine you are shopping in the mall using a RFID based cart and when you reach the cash counter, your bill is already ready, no need for the cashier to check the items one by one.. A huge cut of queue time !!!

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