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EBEX sourcing and procurement services include end-to-end services in the cycle supporting your category managers by providing support throughout the sourcing cycle or take the end-to-end ownership of outsourced categories. With the help of state of the art tools and vast experience and thanks to large quantities of purchases made, our procurement team is able to bring in economies of scale to client procurements.

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Source to Contract - Procurement Outsourcing Services

Source to Contract

EBEX’s source-to-contract outsourcing services deliver breakthrough enhancements in year-on-year savings, empower your team to to do more with their time and drastically improve return on operating costs.  Our source-to-contract services reside on a solid infrastructure of cutting-edge analytical capabilities, real-time market intelligence, category expertise and state-of-the-art procurement software. EBEX services include end-to-end services in the sourcing cycle - from spend analysis and opportunity identification to contract implementation. The services are offered in modular highly flexible engagement models. We can support your category managers by providing support throughout the sourcing cycle or take the end-to-end ownership of outsourced categories.  Our seasoned professionals bring insights and perspectives that are objective, yet decisive and challenge conventional thinking. Our collaborative approach in developing category-specific strategies focuses on total cost of ownership, ensuring measurable and sustainable bottom-line results.

Spend Analytics - Procurement Outsourcing Services

Spend Analytics

Spend Analytics is the process of aggregating, cleansing, classifying, and analyzing corporate purchasing or spend data in order to reduce procurement costs, improve efficiency, and monitor supplier compliance. On average, corporate procurement leaders have visibility of only 50% of their overall spend. To improve spend analysis and positively impact corporate profitability, EBEX utilizes internally developed best practices perfected by our spend management experts and innovative technology solutions which help our clients consolidate and rationalize their corporate spend.

At EBEX, senior procurement and spend analytics experts utilize best-in-class technologies and spend analytic tools to perform a comprehensive analysis of your company’s spend in order to develop a roadmap to optimize your procurement process. Our spend analytics methodology utilizes a multi-phase approach Data aggregation (identify, normalize and summarize spend data), Data cleansing (scrub incorrect, incomplete, unformatted, or duplicate spend and supplier data), Supplier grouping (organize suppliers by vendor classification), Item classification (identify a category for a particular product or service), Spend analytics (implement and automate spend reports and dashboards) Additionally, our team of analysts supports client teams with complex analytical needs like TCO modeling, value engineering, clean-sheet costing, SKU rationalization, and master data cleaning and management.

Category Management Solutions - Procurement Outsourcing Services

Category Management

Category Management is the back bone of a strategic sourcing process and a core process for an organization to sustain competitive advantage. Public & private organizations invest in category management capabilities to unlock sustainable benefits from supply chain by aligning procurement to ever demanding business needs. A best-in-class category management is focused on finding a perfect balance between continually reinventing the category strategies to unearth newer alternatives, optimizing third party spend and minimizing supply disruptions to unlock sustainable benefits. We recognize category management as a key enabler in transforming businesses and help large organizations build this expertise. At EBEX, we utilize extensive global know-how to offer the best-of-breed practices throughout the category management cycle to support your business requirement. Our consultants work with you right from building your category management capabilities and processes, to creating specified category profiles and strategies, to tactical negotiation planning, while also developing the requisite market acumen.

Contract and Vendor Management - Procurement Outsourcing Services

Contract & Vendor Management

The foundation of an enriching buyer-supplier relationship rests on an impartial and transparent contract management practice. There are multiple factors contributing to dramatic spike in contract volumes along with complexities in business environment like - international sourcing, distinct regulatory atmosphere, taxation and trading standards, extensive technology and information security necessities. Thus, an efficient contract management tool has been acknowledged worldwide as an indisputable necessity. EBEX Contract Management enables procurement departments to gain control and visibility across the entire contract lifecycle - right from the governance needed around contracting through pre-contract processes to the post contract transactional activities. As an unified platform, our tool covers every contract, hence our clients are able to drive up information quality, ensure compliance, reduce risk and secure those elusive savings. Furthermore, a massive administrative burden is eliminated from the team as we provides a central electronic repository for all types of supplier contracts, with integration into purchasing systems to make them visible to the buyers.

EBEX Advantage

Centralization of Purchase

leading to improved quality and accessibility of suppliers

Standardization of Process

resulting in better agreements and lower supplier risks

Best Practices Followed

Best Practices
driven from leveraging information technology and process automation

Efficient Category Management

Efficient Category Management
embedding strategic sourcing process leading to clear line of sight between contract, performance & relationship


of entire sourcing and procurement process with pre-defined automated workflows


Testimonials by Mr Rajiv Dalmia - CFO, Dish TV

Mr Rajiv K Dalmia (Chief Financial Office -  Dish TV)

EBEX to us stands institutionalised giving SITI seamless support for transactional processes across functions. PHR has been a good beginning helping us to effectively automate our Human Resources function. With a few hiccups initially, we now have fully migrated to the system and are reaping its rich benefits.

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