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Human Resources

EBEX HR team is professionally committed to excellence and inclined towards increasing creative potential & minimizing conflicts to develop each employee as a future leader with an individual accountability aligned for goals and values of the organization. With its cutting edge technology innovations in all its HR processes, EBEX is leading to complete transformation of business practices, performance and people as assets. Identifying the challenges normally faced by HR teams in different organizations, EBEX team has created a four pronged approach targeting at transforming the HR department:

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EBEX – Offerings & Solutions


Recruitment Services

The biggest HR challenge for organizations today is acquiring and retaining the right talent with a reduced per employee cost of sourcing and hiring. At EBEX, we have standardized Manpower Planning function with technology led automated process and approvals through system. Sourcing is done through automatic and integrated process in which an automatic mailer is sent to desired profiles with seamless process of scanning, referring and selecting candidates. Even the Selection process is automated with the help of a pre-configured workflow process of screening, short listing, functional interview and HR interview. All Interview assessments, reference checks and all other relevant documents are captured in the system for future reference.

The automated talent acquisition dashboard includes Time to Acceptance, Sourcing Mix by band, Job Requisition Report, Selection Rate, Recruitment Cost, etc for a complete reference to each hiring, making the hiring and joining process very simple and quick. Upon confirmation of joining, system auto-generates the offer letter with an option of sending it to the candidate through the portal and allowing the recruited personnel for e-joining.

Payroll Management Outsourcing Services

Payroll Management

Ebex works with an efficient payroll processing system, ensuring greater efficiency of the HR department at higher satisfaction at employee level by reducing the discrepancies and queries. The payroll solution at EBEX includes:

  • Multi-Country payroll on a single platform - consolidated and updated for information for global clients on a single Employee / HR platform.
  • Real-time global & easy to access, read and interpret reporting system integrated with each section of payroll management process.
  • Global payroll compliance meeting (ISO) Sarbanes Oxley obligations ensuring seamless integration with all organizations irrespective of their location and tax policy governance.
  • Pre-configured and further customizable calculation of funding for statutory governmental payroll tax.
  • Analytics and Reports capability via a very efficient leave management system.
  • Generation of electronic payslips for employees, automating to the maximum extent, with easy access to reports (at employee end as well as HR team end) included in the payroll function of HR.

Claims & Reimbursements : Tedious and confusing claims and reimbursement processes in organizations work as valuable time killers. It is even more complex in case of remote team locations with all claims and reimbursements processed in the head office. To improve efficiencies of the entities, it is important to make the processes simpler and least time consuming. EBEX has an ultra-efficient digitized module which ensures reduced administrative time and costs and the unnecessary chase. It has simplified expense claim entry, approval and processing, leading to saving time and costs and reducing errors possibilities. The solution is customizable to meet different policies of different organizations and has given multi fold benefits to all entities, where it is already implemented – increased cost efficiency, improved process compliance and higher employee & employer satisfaction.

Hire to Retire HR Services

Hire to Retire

Joining has always been a long time taking process at both ends – the employee and the HR personnel, during filling forms, submission and verification of documents, taking the new people on board through the entire list of company policies and a detailed induction program. Our new technology driven e-joining tool, and an online hire-2-retire portal answering most basic queries relevant to any employee at any time during his tenure at the organization, have made the process less consuming, needing less interactive time between HR personnel and the employee, thus increasing the productive time at both ends. The portal is a self-service employee tool offering 3600 employee life cycle management, allows employees to maintain all their information and credentials covering the entire hiring to retiring process.

What is e-joining : e-joining is an advanced HR tool which saves cost at the organizational level, allowing the hired person to not only accept the offer online, but update the credentials and documents before joining the job, online. This technology driven solution ensures that HR personnel save their time and employee is taking full accountability of details furnished and obtained.

Learning and Development Consultant

Learning & Development

Continuous learning and competency development are the most sustainable sources of competitive advantage in any fast paced industry. As the demand of the Industry evolves, new expectations of growing talent continues.

EBEX value proposition is distinctive as it offers opportunity to leverage and optimize learning for stronger performance. In the knowledge based Industry, creating a learning environment helps address talent gaps, generate ideas, and ultimately leads to a more engaged and productive workforce.

EBEX continues to focus on bridging the demand and supply gap through up-skilling. We offer Technical, Domain, Process, Tools and Behavioural training to all its people for their overall development. EBEX strives to bring new concepts and creative ideas to bringing in the people together to create a better team, via quite a few connect programs run time to time.

Performance Management Services

Performance Management

To help employees deliver, Performance Management System is the key to performance upgrade by linking performance to potential and directly linked to employee rewards & growth. An IDP and PIP is also put in place, directly linked with PMS of every employee.

Customer Feedback and Samwad score are also incorporated to the individual performance. Therefore the feedbacks and reviews flows towards both directions and helps is accessing the performance more accurately. The PMS is empowered by an individual development program to ensure all round development of all employees and ensuring that each employee feels connected and growing within the organization.

EBEX Advantage

Reduced Costs by Outsourcing to HR Shared Services Center

Reduced Costs
by cutting staff and space required internally

Improved Quality

Improved Quality
through putting in best practices combined with technology upgradation

Bigger Talent Pool at EBEX Services Ltd

Bigger Talent Pool
with the help of a larger set of shared team working on varied talent requests

Improved Cross Culture Learning and Development

Improved Cross Culture Learning
with consistent techniques and processes

Better Monitoring at all levels

Better Monitoring
of performance at each level of people in the company with well-defined responsibilities.


Testimonials by Mr Pankaj Dhingra - Ex CHRO, Siti Networks

Col Pankaj Dhingra (Ex. CHRO, SITI Networks)

EBEX to us stands institutionalised giving SITI seamless support for transactional processes across functions. HRM's has been a good beginning helping us to effectively automate our Human Resources function. With a few hiccups initially, we now have fully migrated to the system and are reaping its rich benefits.

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