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Few critical to quality and growth concerns today every business is facing are: Long term impact of decisions taken today, timeliness & accuracy of data, non-scalable processes, lack of expertise in data interpretation and just not stopping here but having continued improvements.

Keeping in mind the necessity to pull ahead of competition through innovative ideas and tools, EBEX team is always ready to provide clients with business services, bringing in efficiency and business intelligence in different key areas.

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Business Analytics and Forecasts

Analytics & Forecasts

Certainty on business decisions being correct increases if they are based on wise analytics. Even before bringing about a change or implementing a new process, it is important to look at its impact analytically and predict the advantages and disadvantages, forecasting the results. If forecast is derived out of analytics, decision making can be more accurate.

Business Tools

Business Tools

EBEX has embraced technology as a major ingredient in our journey to excellence and this, when combined with business needs in general, further resulted in some tools, namely – Employee self-service portal, Bill Desk Application, E-Auction, Helpdesk, Vendor Portal and DMS. In few instances these can be customized to accommodate your business requirements.

Business Process Consultancy

Process Consultancy

Large organizations, specially operating through multiple business/location model, business processes become very complex with long and inter-related workflows. And when processes are planned and executed successfully, they yield significant benefits to the organization in terms of efficiency and cost savings. We enable your business through creating best in class processes, with our process consultancy services.

EBEX Advantage

Business Transformation Implementation

Implementation Assistance
through experienced and efficient support system addressing need of each step in the process.

Business Analytical View

Analytical View
through step by step analysis, redefining the current process if need be

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
via the detailed analytical report on requested key areas enabling

Improved Business Processes

Improved Processes
with suggestions and implementation support based on SLAs


Testimonials by Ms Aparna Morajkar - Vertical Head, Credit Control, ZEEL

Ms Aparna Morajkar (Vertical Head Credit Control -  ZEEL )

Essel BUSINESS EXCELLENCE SERVICES as the name goes.., this shared service division has truly shaped up over a period of time and is helping us enhance the processes to the desired level.  Standardization of systems is an appropriate long term objective for this unit!  There is an excellent team at EBEX who not only excels in giving maintenance support but also helps understand the development needs and caters accordingly. Good Luck to team to make this unit climb up the ladder in the shared service fraternity!!

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Expert Insight

Everything Around you is an IDEA

Everything Around You is an Idea

Today everything is getting automated and digitized, infact we are moving towards creating every aspect of life being robotic. With lot to accomplish, facing newer challenges each day while continuous endeavour to complete what has been a routine, automation of as much as possible has become a need, giving rise to the importance of robotics in day to day chores. After all, they perform tasks the way they are told without needing breaks and do not get tired too..!!

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