Process Automation Enabled by Vendor Portal

This case study gives an overview of how EBEX introduces automation of processes resulting in improved efficiency at departmental, as well as client level.


A leading business conglomerate having diverse business presence across Media, Entertainment, Packaging, Infrastructure and Education with worldwide operations and a workforce of over 10,000 employees with the strength growing day by day. The group’s media business offers a strong portfolio of numerous entertainment and news channels, reaching millions of viewers in India and internationally. Moreover, different businesses have different sets of needs in terms of services and goods to be purchased.

The Case

With multiple companies, different departments and multiple users, the day to day procurement activities were getting more robust and time consuming, and in many instances processes ended repetitive and over lapping.

The Challenges

A single platform in integration with SAP & Workflow application was a key challenge. Further evaluation of multiple plug-n-play applications did not yield the desired outcome. Also the strategy to tool in-house wasn’t easy either, especially with tight timelines. Manula process was also being time taking and painful for all teams involved.

Key Pain Points :

  • Large and complex processes for procurement team, such as manual excel entries, manual approval at different levels
  • Negotiations not tracked at each level, ending up with non-clarity and non-transparency
  • Vendor registration and introduction is done manually, resulting in delays and inducing human erros
  • RFQ and RFPs all managed manually and are individual-centric
  • Vendors are not clear about the status of their submission of RFQs and Invoices
  • No single window to compare different quotations; all have to be manually consolidated on different parameters and then compared
  • Chances of missing out on regular vendors because of lack of categorization and prioritization of Vendors based on previous feedbacks received from users
  • No process to capture Vendor queries and feedbacks
The Approach

It was finally decided to develop an integrated vendor portal in-house by giving end to end category management solutions with following features –

  • Integrated portal with SAP system to pick PO and Vendor details
  • Auto suggest of potential vendors and suppliers as per purchase request
  • Vendor self-registration, with quick easy steps
  • Access to Vendors to upload Quotations and Invoices
  • Single Dashboard for Commercial heads and other internal users, to track the vendor shortlisting, comparative analysis and stages of progress
  • Generate RFQs automatically from User Requests, or even give choice to do it manual RFQ
  • Vendor Comparison
  • View and tracking of RFQ status with different access levels as per hierarchy
  • Tracking of end to end to process time
  • Option to download status report in xls format
  • Auto notifications to required Stakeholders via email
  • Portal accessibility via different platforms such as tablets, mobiles and laptops
The Results

The results were more in terms of benefits delivered :

  • Call traffic to Commercial team drastically reduced, giving them more time to conduct other activities
  • Standardization of formats for both RFQ and Quotation
  • All vendors under one list, makes Vendor Comparison and shortlisting, easy
  • Vendor historical data is readily available to make decisions
  • Tracking of RFQ in real time by users
  • Enhanced Vendor interaction with quotation & invoice status readily available real-time 24/7
  • Empowerment to Vendor by allowing him to upload invoices and track the progress of the same in real time
  • No more manual data entry, as as now direct integration with centralized BillDesk is established