Case Study - Business process improvement by induction of online claim submission process

Induction of Online claim Submission process

This Case Study illustrates how EBEX used its Business Process Improvement capability in structuring an organized & cost saving methodology for a client’s employees’ expense claim process

Who was the client


India’s largest News Network with a PAN India presence and having 10 news channels in 6 different languages touching more than 150 million viewers

What was the earlier process

Existing Process

Employees were submitting travel related bills to their respective Regional SPOC’s. These appointed point of contacts used to do first level of validation, check entitlements based on employee grade, question employees in case of any deviation, seek HOD’s approval and then submit with finance team for processing.

What were the challenges

The Problem

The entire process was manual with the responsibility lying with the regional SPOC, generally the reporting managers of the employee. Manual process resulted in:

  • Delay in Expense settlement process
  • No transparency of the workflow
  • Higher processing costs & layers
  • No proper control over expenses (policy enforcement not practically possible in all cases)
What approach was taken

The Approach

This was one of the pilot projects of EBEX’s travel desk team. Intention was to address the pain area of client & offer durable, highly effective solution with the help of technology addressing all control and checks related concerns.

Teams were created, including representatives from Commercial and Logistics. We engaged with SPOCs from various zones, spoke to employees who were frequent travelers also, including HRs & Finance team. This activity gave us much deeper insight as we prepared for a better roadmap.

Understood the AS-IS, conducted benchmarking and offered solution in the form of TMS portal.

Business process improvement solution suggested by EBEX team

The Solution

Replaced the existing process of manual expense submission to an automated process enabled by web based portal.

We on-boarded a TMS portal within EBEX, implemented companies, configured all policies and waited for Magic to begin!

Workflow cum solution defined in details:

  • Employee initiates expense report within portal (policies mapped as per individuals entitlement with a facility to record variations)
  • HOD approves, rejects and/or seeks clarification
  • Post approval, requisition falls into Finance queue for processing
  • Employee submits the hard bills to DMS box present across various locations to reach EBEX
  • EBEX finance validates bills & processes the claims
The results achieved

The Results

Automation is a boom, sure we know about it! Below are some of the achievements we take pride in

  • Lesser processing costs with automated workflows
  • Controlled expenses with automated policy enforcement
  • Faster employees’ reimbursements
  • Improved efficiency
  • Reduced paper-work