Case Study - Enterprise Telecom Expense Management

Enterprise Telecom Expense Management

This case study aims to exemplify how EBEX used its Telecom Procurement Management expertise to streamline, standardize and enhance all aspects of telecom requirements to achieve greater savings and compliance.

Who was the client


A leading business conglomerate having diverse business presence across Media, Entertainment, Packaging, Infrastructure, Education, Precious metals and Technology sectors. With worldwide operations and a workforce of over 10000 employees, the group is growing in strength day by day, creating an impressive track record of value creation in all their businesses that compares well with their respective industry peers in India and globally with presence across the entire value chain. The group’s media business offers a strong portfolio of numerous entertainment and news channels, reaching millions of viewers in India and internationally. 

What was the situation earlier

The Situation

Every group entity had their own agreements with various service providers. The rates, plans, and value adds were locked by commercial teams specific to every company – with no cross referenced synergies. Many entities did not scrutinize and limit the usage of wireless devices. As a result telecom expenses were raised drastically and entities were paying more because of their inability to control.

What was the challenge

The Challenge

While managing fixed and mobile telecom services, the client did not had visibility into what they were currently paying for fixed and wireless services. Due to lack of an accurate plan as per usage, they were unprepared for the proliferation of manpower as well as smart devices. Most group companies had adopted unlimited data plans, while not even coming close to unlimited plans. Overall expenditure was a big concerns as competitive yet frequent changes in plans, features and prices by various service providers were not leveraged due to operators’ multiplicity. The analysis of plans and migration to more appropriate plans for thousands of users, connections and circuits across number of locations was a daunting activity as entities were managing this enormous task through manual interventions.

What approach was taken

The Approach

EBEX SME’s analyzed the calling patterns to a comprehensive database of mobile and plans, further more recommending plan which was best suitable for each employee, while considering the best synergistic fit for the company spending. Leveraging deep subject matter expertise, powerful sourcing technologies and access to leading analyst research, benchmarks and insight; EBEX aimed to drive overall savings and to improve the management of client’s telecom spend.

Business process mapping solution offered

The Solution

EBEX offered an optional Mobile Rate Plan Management for the entire group. EBEX SMEs not only negotiated with vendors and service providers to ensure that maximum refunds are received, but also used its industry relationship within telecom fraternity to get the most optimum plan for the organization, and helped to custom design the solution for high-efficiency-low-rate plans.

EBEX recommendations were implemented with end-to-end the savings strategies at enterprise level – powered by pre-emptive investigation of voice, data and mobile spending. The scope of intervention included active role in vendor negotiation across all service providers, ensuring verification of rate plan changes, new solution installation, liaison with single vendor for low-cost-algorithm implementation in group’s telecom environment,

Requirement Identification – Collated inventory from electronic and paper invoices to deduce telecom infrastructure & utilization.

Policy Implementation & Action Plan – Based on the outcome defining device types, plans and usage patterns, assistance in defining and deploying policies to align organization’s telecom goals.

Implementation of the Overall Organizational Procurement Strategy – Assistance in negotiating & re-negotiating contracts to attain the optimum level of spending.

Solution offered by EBEX team

Optimization: Improving service-to-cost performance and right sizing fixed and mobile service capacity

  • Utilization monitoring and tracking
  • Capacity optimization
  • Rate-plan optimization
  • Unused/under-utilized service elimination
  • Technology upgrades/replacement
The results achieved

The Results

72% Savings in recurring mobile usage expenses, along with:

  • Optimum utilization of plans
  • No need to switch carriers
  • Effective management of individual with plans
  • Preliminary Audit Report
  • Telecom cost savings report
  • Invoice Summary Report
  • Environmental Friendly e-Billing processes