Bulk Hiring For Our Clients

This Case study illustrates how EBEX has enabled a huge data management (of 8000+ group employees) within a short span of time with 100% accuracy resulting to improved overall efficiency and better customer experience leading to delighted clientele


A leading business conglomerate having diverse business presence across Media, Entertainment, Packaging, Infrastructure and Education. With worldwide operations and a workforce of over 10000 employees, the group is growing in strength day by day.

Traditionally Existing Process

The process was to hire the employees manually one by one in PHR after creating masters. Then the data was further triggered to SAP for SAP code generation:-

  • Initially the data was shared with the vendor who would charge approximately 75000 per entity or organization
  • Creating a master data was a 2 days long activity
  • It would take 15 to 20 minutes to complete single hiring which included position creation in the DB. So if there are 200 hirings in the organization it would take 200*15 min = 3000 mins.
The Challenges

As we are dealing with huge number of workforce there were many operational challenges:

  • Time – In initial scenario it would take more than 7 working days for creation or completion of resource hiring
  • Accuracy – Mass Hiring manually was a tedious task, also leading to duplicate entries & errors due to human intervention
  • Cost – More resources and time consumption meant more cost
  • All the above led to overall dissatisfaction & delay
The Approach

The issue was internally identified by the EBEX- HR team. The main aim was to remove the manual process and bring automation in the process to remove the challenges and also to enhance efficiency and speed of work. Meetings and discussions were held within the HR departments and the thought was shared with representatives.

After a detailed analysis of inputs shared by respective stakeholders, we created two major tools after doing a multiple level of successful testing.

  • Bulk Hiring – This tool helps in uploading the huge amount of data in PHR in one shot
  • Multi Position creating – This tool helps in creating the positions in bulk

Throughout, EBEX catalyzed and facilitated the process by providing guidance and coaching on underlying process reengineering and then proposed and developed the solution.

The Solution

Elimination of the manual hiring process with the effective automation for which the process is as following:

Data received from entity – Master creation – checking & uploading the data – Automatic SAP Code generation

Involvement of all team heads made the transition smooth, and helped in overcoming the challenges. The new system has been implemented after successful testing at each level.

The Results

Entire change process was seamlessly executed. HR Teams completely owned the solution providing happy customer experience

he automation is quite successful for internal control resulting into:

  • Improved Turnaround time
  • Smooth transition
  • Better customer experience
  • Accurate data without human intervention
  • System generated codes
  • Cost Effectiveness

This solution has led to overall process improvement which has taken care of all pain areas of the client.