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EBEX is a young and fast growing company offering ample opportunities for growth to its people, giving each member of the team, great & diversified exposure to learn and excel. The best part is we are not fascinated by titles but the results and getting there should be an enjoyable journey. Leadership team comprises of industry experts with diversified exposure, huge experience behind and habit of encouraging new innovations, team work and overall development of each team member, thus creating a space, value and belongingness for each employee.

Benefits at EBEX

EBEX is set to

  • Be a Game Changer
  • Create Best Practices
  • Set Hight Benchmark

Leading to complete transformation of Business Practice, Performance and People

High-performing organizations constantly evaluate their activities to determine gaps in performance and competencies. Developing Learning and Development strategies are therefore the most sustainable sources of competitive advantage in our industry, today. Our training programs help employees to be proficient not only in their current roles but also prepare them for an enriched profile in future. Our domain /product based training improves employee's competency in his / her areas of work. Role based curriculum and training helps employees in preparing themselves for career advancement within the organization. We offer Technical, Domain, Process, Tools and Behavioral trainings to our employees for their overall development -

Benefits at EBEX Services Ltd.

  • ACE - Talent management programs which focus on in identifying the potential leaders. We also call them Hi - Pot Development Programs.
  • Rendezvous - Monthly discussion forums/Meet the Expert sessions across industries who interact with the employees to share their insights.
  • Zenith - Programs for the leadership team which are aimed at enhancing their leadership abilities.
  • Anchor - A range of workshops that focus on basic skill development. (Product/Domain based trainings which are essentially instructor led)
  • Accelerate - Programs that enhance the employee performance by providing deeper understanding and extensive knowledge of one's function. Exposure to latest evolving functional knowledge.
  • Nurture - Targets programs which aims at developing soft skills. Cultivate behavior to excel at work
  • Excellerators - Rewards and Recognition program for excellence at work
  • Spot Applause - On the spot employee recognition by ones manager to recognize a special contribution of any employee for any specific task. Could be in the form of applause or an email.

A few connect programs that run at EBEX are

  • SAMWAD & Samwad Action planning - Feedback mechanism
  • Townhall - Open house session between the employees and the management to give current business updates and future plans of the organization
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • In-house Newsletter
  • Manager self - service portal
  • Employee self - service portal
  • Suggestion box
  • Open door policy

Internal Job Postings are available in case an employee needs to move to a different role which matches with his aspirations.

Life at EBEX

While EBEXites thrive on working hard, they also maintain a work-life balance. We believe in work hard and party harder. Every EBEXite has his own fun moments at work and we love to capture the togetherness.

We are blessed to be operating in India, a country which comprises of incredibly diverse religions and cultures, all of which have many festivals and related celebrations. We, at EBEX, understand how important these days are, and take pride in celebrating them in high spirits.



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