Financial Process Automation and Service Excellence

Financial Process Automation and Service Excellence – What you need to know

What is financial process automation (FPA)? Streamlining, standardizing and bringing in continued efficiency in the financial processes, has always been a challenge for organizations. ERPs could solve the problem to an extent, but owing to the changing technology, skill set and the needs of analytical reports, most organizations struggle for …

Procurement Shared Services Center

Top challenges of procurement, shared services can resolve

Many companies today have a strong focus on improving cost efficiency resulting into a paradigm shift in the role of procurement. The traditional procurement professionals have walked out of the stereotype of “RFI – RFP – comparison – negotiation – contracting – SLA / KPI – deliveries – receipt – …


The PAGE theory: Productivity, Accountability, Governance and Efficiency:

As a shared service, our team of experts have managed, grown and transformed the business processes. We have undertaken the journey, we are appraised of the SWOT’s which businesses face for undergoing changes. TAT’s, continuity, budgets, change management, loss of control – all these challenges prevails while transitioning any process …