IOT – How will it impact us

Imagine being in office at 9:00 PM and suddenly you get a message ‘Hungry Kya’ from a nearby Pizza delivery vendor. You are most likely to place the order as you see the message like god-sent at the right time !!

Imagine you are shopping in the mall using a RFID based cart and when you reach the cash counter, your bill is already ready, no need for the cashier to check the items one by one.. A huge cut of queue time !!!

Imagine your refrigerator sending an order to your grocer when the milk quantity becomes lower than the threshold you have set.

Imagine you get a call from your trusted mechanic telling you that your car radiator needs some fixing as the car system has sent a message to the workshop about it !!

Well, you really don’t need to imagine all of these as some si-fi movie fiction. Its all possible and in fact happening already, thanks to Internet of Things ( IoT) where all these ‘things’ can talk to each other and send signals for a service.
IOT is a sensor based technology which can do wonders to our life. A lot of work is being done by industry leaders on this.

Now we have sensors monitoring and tracking all sorts of data; we have cloud-based apps translating that data into useful information and transmitting it to machines, enabling mobile, real-time responses. And thus cities becomes smart cities, traffic management becomes smarter  and  cars become smart car and soon smart homes.

Use cases are many that can become good candidates for implementing IOT. Not only it will improve the quality of services but will also help us focus better on our priorities and leaving the mundane jobs to machines.

Internet of Things is , perhaps the biggest  of all the technology trends that are taking place right now. It’s the one that’s going to give us the most disruption as well as the most opportunities over the next few years.

Watch this space for some more technological advances and use cases.!!

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