business transformation via empathy

An Integral Element of Today’s Organizations – Empathy

It has been a debate whether today organizations should have this very uncommon trait of “Empathy”. If they become empathetic they land themselves in tough situations where they have to deal with different people with different issues and different mindsets looking at the same situation differently, thus making it really difficult to have a common solution to all. At the same time, they need to take care of employer-employee aspects, not only in terms of employee retention, but also performance management, skills development, productivity & efficiency improvement and lot more. Not being judgmental, lets look at different aspects of being empathetic and how this can be a biggest transformation for any organization. Afterall, we keep talking about digital transformation, we should know that transformation has to happen everywhere and that those who can transform quickly will lead the game.

First lets understand what “Empathy” exactly means, how it can be imbibed within the organizations and to what depth of hierarchy. Empathy is simply recognizing emotions in others and being able to “put yourself in other’s shoes”. Or simply put as understanding other person’s perceptive and pain areas in an organization. If put honestly, every person in an organization, whichever level of hierarchy he or she may belong to, must have found oneself amidst unnecessary conflicts with internal and external customers, in absence of empathy.

  1. Between colleagues
  2. Leader-follower
  3. Client-vendor
  4. Senior-junior
  5. Between teams
  6. HR-people


At EBEX, we are serving our group companies as our clients. Before EBEX was established and introduced, every company had it’s own methods and ways to meet the deliverables, however with the evolution of EBEX, formulation of defined methods, policies and procedures took place followed by the technological advancements. This is evident that when things get more formulized and structured, processes become time driven and QUALITY becomes an utmost priority. Being a shared services organization, we are required to have a mechanism, which is QUALITY driven first and directed towards the organizational goals. However, at times this approach becomes a bit inconvenient to accept for the business partners/group companies. Thus resulting in a situation wherein there is a signal without a control put by traffic controller. Everybody is able to cross the signal but there is a chaos. Similarly, at the end of the day each one of us is assigned with our individual targets to meet which further contribute towards the overall organizational goals. We need to understand the importance of having the individual goals in order to have exposure to the ultimate organizational targets.

To overcome these perspectives of individual thoughts we should develop empathy with each other within/outside the company & practice very basic guidelines :

  1. To park our view points for later discussion and try to look at the situation from other person’s perspective.
  2. To always appreciate and validate other person’s perspective even though we are not in total agreement with her/his suggestions or view points.
  3. Listen to others’ instincts as well.
  4. To always extend support keeping faith in mutual efforts and team work in order to build the team spirit.
  5. Along with all of the above, one needs to be FLEXIBLE enough to tune oneself to the interest of the organization.

In order to actualize the atmosphere of “I Feel What You Feel” for our clients too, we must:

  • have regular client visits, inside client’s premises so we can see and understand that way client/s handle any process/es.
  • Have regular process reviews with clients to take their feedbacks and introduce updates as needed.


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