Everything Around You is an Idea

Today everything is getting automated and digitized, infact we are moving towards creating every aspect of life being robotic. With lot to accomplish, facing newer challenges each day while continuous endeavor to complete what has been a routine, automation of as much as possible has become a need, giving rise to the importance of robotics in day to day chores. After all, they perform tasks the way they are told without needing breaks and do not get tired too..!!
We normally think of robots being used in huge industrial plants replacing man power doing heavy tasks or at times tasks needing accuracy which can be missed by humans, However, if we look into the bigger aspect of the technology revolution, there are numerous possibilities for robotics in daily tasks which become monotonous or are set with a pattern, definable with a set of instructions. And as they say need is the mother of invention, we start finding ideas to be more efficient in what we must do. This is exactly what happened with us when we thought of introducing “Master Data Management – MDM” into the system which could significantly change the work culture and simplify the tasks to minimal effort.

Historical aspect: As the routine process, for every material and services purchases, every Purchase Requisition (PR) must be aligned with the Material code (in case of goods purchase) and Service code (in case of Services availed). The entire request for material/services code used to go through manual intervention, which involved very lengthy process:
1. Identifying of Goods/Services in the PR
2. Filling up the excel File
3. Getting the excel data checked with the entity
4. Forwarding the same to the Commercial for reference material group
5. Moving the request to SAP team to get the code creation.

Challenge: The above task is rigorous as it is very time consuming and also it demands a continuous follow up with each of the teams to complete the task. Because of paper dependency, there were delays in processing the PR request as it would get lost while travelling from table to table between different stakeholders. There were no controls and timelines. Overall, even after spending time on getting the tasks done, the delay used to impact the TAT and performance of the PR team for no direct fault of theirs.

Process Automation Introduced: Identifying the root cause and understanding the possible solution, EBEX decided to implement certain functions into the PR module of MDM (Master Data Management). We converted MDM to a follow-up tool wherein the requests are raised within the system and are assigned to concerned departments for the action. The new process is :
1. The request raised in the MDM tool and work flowed to next level (No paper work)
2. The request aligned in the concerned team queue, and reminds for action (no manual follow up)
3. After appropriate action from stakeholder/s of the request, it is automatically reassigned to the requestor. (complete automation).

The Benefits: The automation of PR has laid a pool of benefits to the entire system:
1. User Friendly and easily adaptable.
2. Improved TATs for PR creation
3. Easy tracks of each of the request, no manual intervention required
4. Cost efficiency by saving time, quicker completions, and ofcourse saving paper.
5. Last but certainly not least, we are cleaner, greener contributing positively to our ecosystem by encouraging paper less work.

Our different automation, workflow, IT and technology teams are working rigorously looking at everything around as an idea to derive a solution, challenging current system and bringing in increased efficiency, costs savings and happier faces internally as well as externally.

About Kumar Deep Das

Kumar brings in 14+ years rich technology experience across multiple domains and industries. He has a successful history of providing strategic leadership for enterprise-wide technology initiatives, pioneering significant information technology plans, which gave new directions to organizational practices bringing tangible as well as intangible benefits.

He has a strong focus on driving Business IT - Technology led innovation and transformation initiatives for businesses and tailoring its usage for achieving improvement on new and existing processes, bringing innovation, optimization, meeting performance targets and operating requirements. Over the years, he played a vital role in creating multiple business technology teams, driving change agenda, transformational projects to enhance business efficiency and effectiveness.

Breaking the traditional bar, he has always been an early mover within the technology foray, one of the very few who were part of the Cloud Strategic Engagement in the country. His core experience includes Datacenter and Information Services, VAS Platforms, IT Operations, Application Development, Analytics, Security, ERP Systems, Strategic Outsourcing – Cost Management, Merger and Acquisitions, Product Management and across other vivid infrastructure technology platforms.

Kumar has been part of the core team at EBEX Shared Services from its early days. Prior to EBEX, he has worked with companies like NIIT, Wipro, WNS, Zee Turner, Media Pro, Taj Television to name a few.

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