Procurement Shared Services Center

Top challenges of procurement, shared services can resolve

Many companies today have a strong focus on improving cost efficiency resulting into a paradigm shift in the role of procurement. The traditional procurement professionals have walked out of the stereotype of “RFI – RFP – comparison – negotiation – contracting – SLA / KPI – deliveries – receipt – …

EBEX Transformational Journey

Transformational Journey of EBEX

A Vision is expected to give direction and motivate the stakeholders in an organization. Increased operational pressures however, reduce the manager’s ability to balance operational needs with the strategic push that is necessary to move in the direction of the Vision. The demanding and shifting business environment add to the …

Do,s and Do-not,s of Shared Services

Do’s & Don’ts For Working With Shared Services Center

SSCs or shared service centers have made life very easy for organizations who are now focusing on their business development and are sending non-core functions to the shared service providers. Organizations today are outsourcing processes like payroll management, human capital management, procurement, finance and accounting which includes record to report, …