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Today I draw analogy between our efforts at EBEX and the wave of IOT that has taken the world by a storm. IOT is the way, technology has created a network of connections - people to people, people to things, things to things. And that is exactly what EBEX has achieved - creation of a connectedness between - people, process and technology.

EBEX today has embraced the vision of becoming not only multifunctional but also multistage and multi patterned.

Over the last one year we have onboarded multiple disciplines into our fold like HR, F&A, Procurement, IT, Legal, Talent Acquisition, Revenue Assurance, Travel etc..

We have taken care of variety, volume and velocity of processes and companies, onboarding 50 + companies nationally and internationally.

Not stopping at just incorporating process for all these functions, we have taken up a position to improve them by making them multistage and hence reducing the time to take decision and action. With HANA, Success factor and other visualisation and robotic tools, information processing has reduced from days to minutes, giving users the capability for faster decision making.

The next stage is multi pattern. We have ensured that with a common core we are able to support business processes across companies and customize their specific nuances as per the required pattern. EBEX has achieved economies of scale having used the same technology and process across for all and tweaking a few to meet the specifics of a particular company.

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EBEX – Your Business Process Partner

EBEX was conceptualized with an objective to digitally transform business processes into innovative centralized systems, creating a "Centre of Excellence", while focusing on "One World" philosophy. Headquartered in NOIDA, EBEX team believes in leveraging process discipline & innovation through shared services, empowering digital transformation of any business.

Started with a team of hand-picked seasoned professionals and industry experts having global exposure in shared services, today EBEX is 250+ people strong and is growing every day. Our services are led by experts in their respective domains, possessing rich experience across different industry verticals. Today EBEX is serving 30+ businesses with 15+ different processes.

With state of the art solutions and technology, EBEX has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation journey for its clients

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EBEX shared services center, bringing efficiencies by business process re-engineering

Clients count on us every day to help them
transform uncertainty into possibility

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Mission at EBEX

Our Mission

Delivering value through business transformation ensuring efficiencies, cost effectiveness and digital dexterity for future readiness.

Vision at EBEX

Our Vision

To become "Nerve Centre" of businesses by empowering them through high performance products and services.

Core Values - CAFICO

Our Values

Our Values reflect our customer focus. We firmly believe that we grow when you do. We believe in:

  • Customer First
  • Agility
  • First Time Right
  • Integrity
  • Collaboration
  • Ownership

We have acronymed our core values as - CAFICO