Analytics and Insight Reports For CXOs

This case illustrates how EBEX provided on the go mobility BI (Business Intelligence) solutions for CXOs powered by Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics to take informed business strategic decisions.


A leading business conglomerate having diverse business presence across Media, Entertainment, Packaging, Infrastructure, Education and many other industries, with worldwide operations (geographically diverse) and a workforce of over 10000 employees with the strength growing day by day.

Existing Process

Although individually CXOs have access to certain interactive dashboards and functional reports, customized as per their business requirements, but lack in providing relevant analytics/insights powered by ML (Machine Learning) for recommending preventive actions for timely decision making, revenue protection, revenue generation, highlighting security concerns, resource planning etc.

The Problem

There was no identified problem. The analytical dashboards and reports were introduced to provide a value addition to existing services by EBEX. We realized that Management and decision making teams deprived of deep insights of various business process operating in silos were a big barrier for preventive and impactful decision making.

What was the scope
The Scope

To setup analytics mechanism under Group CIO with a vision to deliver descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics for management/clients to review business health on the go and provide meaningful insights and recommendations for business decision making across multiple verticals including F&A, Procurement, Travel, HR, IT etc.

What was the solution
The Solution

Introducing vital analytics bridge between business units and key decision makers delivered on the go monitoring of business units, their health, recommended actions and facilitated key decisions for business. We focused on all 3 areas of analytics -

  • Descriptive Analytics – To show “What is happening in the Business?” by collecting existing data and present it to management
  • Diagnostic Analytics – To show “Why did it happen?” by using techniques such as data mining, drill down, data discovery and correlations etc.
  • Predictive Analytics – To predict “What will happen?” by using historical data trends and other regression algorithms like linear regression, logistic regression, decision tree etc.

All above implemented technologies have been powered by below tools:

  • Alteryx/Knime/IBM SPSS Modeler – Data Transformations tools
  • Power Bi/Tableau – Data Visualization tools
The Approach
  • DMADV approach (to incorporate quality in any new process setup)
  • Transparent and meaningful business view for processes
  • Right mix of tools and technology
  • Phase wise implementation of analytics journey
what were the challenges
The Challenges
  • System Integration (ERP, Workflow, Vendor Portal and other tools with BI tools)
  • Coordinating between wide set of stakeholders (CXOs) to evaluate and zero in on single tool.
  • Post-Implementation Adoption/change management to benefit from the reports, utilising insights before taking business decision

These challenges were overcome with proper strategy, execution, trainings and change management.

The Results
  • Holistic view along with recommendations for CXOs
  • Ease of Business decision making
  • Preventive actions vis-à-vis corrective actions at present
  • Interactive project management dashboard for stakeholders/clients resulting in direct impact on status update calls with clients
  • Realtime SLA, Process and People performance availability for seeking any attention as the need may be
  • Direct $ Benefit and missed savings highlighted by AI/ML/Analytics enable cost savings for entities served
  • Please ask for sample dashboard reports for this case study. Reports will be on possible employee attrition (predictive), performance of MIRO team, which can be further utilized and analysed to take functional decisions (descriptive), price of laptops from different vendors (diagnostic), and on missed savings (diagnostic)